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This site is being closed, as per plan. The new site is located at http://rok.rpglink.in
If you need any data from this old site, such as house deescriptions, contact me on the new site and I will retrieve it for you.
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Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon, a browser based role playing game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in Degolburg is 6:55 pm.
Next new game day in: 0h, 38m, 01s (real time)

The current Champion of the Gladiator's Arena is: Resident Fisherman Spindrifter.
The Penguin Overlord was last destroyed by: 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow
The most recent hero of the realm is: Rich Elbet

The current Tournament Leader is: Power BeanBlossom.

Today's weather is expected to be overcast and cool, with sunny periods.

The warrior who hast slain the most dragons: Resident Fisherman Spindrifter
At the Dark Horse Inn, Initiate Cake Robot won the last jackpot, worth 4830 gold

The Christmas Ornament on display in Glorfindal was made by Fire Goddess Melanie
The Bonsai tree at Jipang, in the shape of a tiger, was created by Power BeanBlossom
The Pumpkin on display at Xanterra was created by Power BeanBlossom
The Snowman at Aurora Borealis was built by Resident Fisherman Spindrifter
The Sandcastle at Kujita Beach was built by Resident Fisherman Spindrifter
The Easter Egg at Illyria was decorated by Resident Fisherman Spindrifter

Kalisiin's Empire was founded in AD 1251, when Kalisiin, in a desperate attempt to find freedom from an oppressive ruler in another land, set out for the unknown, determined to find a land where peace and justice would prevail for all.

After enduring much trial and hardship...and an ardurous sea voyage, she found her new land, and began with the Island of Kujita, and made it her new home.

The island was right off the coast of a major, previously undiscovered landmass, and, it was upon this landmass that Kalisiin then established her Empire, founded on the principles of liberty, justice, and freedom for all, and an equal chance for all who came to realize their own dreams, whatever they might be.

So come, young adventurer, to the New World, the land of the free, where none are oppressed, all are able to prosper, and justice is fair and honest! All are welcomed into Kalisiin's Empire...

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Welcome to Legend of the Green Dragon, on Kalisiin's Empire!

Kalisiin's Empire - The Site Built BY Players, For Players!!

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Current Hit Count: 4,448,226
Quote: <Soar> Magnum Lanfear comes walking back from the Tournament Center swaying dangerously. "100 mugs of Cedrik's finest! I never thought I'd do that!"

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