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New Addition: Castle in Xanterra
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-02-17 18:42:07
This place may look familiar to some of you...some modifications have been made.

Forging Guild Has Arrived!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-02-12 00:41:14
OK, folks...I tested it out as best I could, and believe it functions fully as intended.

Enjoy it! It is now accessible from Forest Guild.

Tournament Resetted!!
Fire Goddess Melanie2018-02-11 04:17:50
All players currently in Tournament (five) have completed all levels, so Tourney is reset.

Congrats, winners and good luck in the next one everyone!!

Forest Guild - Forging Guild Coming Soon!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-02-06 07:50:24
I am in the process of testing the Forging Guild on a test server. It appears to be functioning correctly, but there are a few more things to test...but it will be coming soon!!

The way the Forging Guild will work:

It costs 7 percent of your current amount of experience points. It also costs 500 gold.

You can choose to work on Guild weapons/armor or your own weapons/armor.

You will need to use your own metals. Working on Guild weapons/armor costs less metal than working on your own.

Each type of work you can do costs different metals.

Own Weapon is iron and copper
Own Armor is copper and mithril
Guild Weapon is iron and copper
Guild Armor is copper and mithril

Guild weapons/armor cost 50 grams of each, own weapons/armor costs 250 of each.

Additionally...if you work on your own weapons/armor...you have a chance of improving them...or making them worse (small chance but it does exist!)

Also, working on your own weapons/armor costs two turns...but working on Guild weapons/armor costs no turns.

Working in the Forging Guild will help improve your Clan Forge levels, too!

So it is actually pretty involved...hence the need for extensive testing...but everything DOES appear to be working right...so it should be showing up soon.

In the meanwhile, I have added a Forging Certificate to Vixen's Guild Shop...and you also may find one in the Forest Event where you find Guild Vouchers.

You will not, at this time...be able to be awarded visits to Forging Guild from fighting Guildmistress...that will come when Forging Guild is added.

So you also will not see the Forging Guild show up yet. THUS if you find or buy a Forging Certificate...SAVE IT...do not use it, it will be a waste! You are warned on this point.

I am adding the ability to store Forging Certtificates in your Strongbox if you have one. If you don't...well, don't worry about it, you probably don't have enough dragonkills yet to be able to get one. You have no need for one until dragon is able to possibly destroy items on dragonkill, and that does not happen until 100 DK.

SO...Forging Guild is coming soon! It should be a lot of fun. Bearing in mind that more copper is required than other metals...for doing all the forges...you know what you might want to think about doing!!

To do all four...working on Guild and Own Weapons and Armor would cost the following in metals, FYI

Iron - 300 grams
Mithril - 300 grams
Copper - 600 grams

As always, thanks for playing!!

Tournament Resets Tomorrow!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-01-30 15:31:36
Please finish up your levels, the Tournament will be reset tomorrow...Jan. 31.

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