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Tournament Reset
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-10-15 14:18:59
Congrats to winners of the recent Tournament! Prizes given, stats updated in Kalisiin's Cottage. Good luck to all players in new Tournament.

Tournament Resets Tomorrow!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-10-14 20:25:38
Please finish your levels!!

The Tournament will reset during the afternoon, Eastern US Time, tomorrow, Sunday, 10/15.

New Tournament Begins
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-09-21 08:52:45
Most everyone was donne with all 15 levels, one player was not but that player also had not signed in in several days, so - sinnce there were six players who were all finished, I reset the Tournamment.

Congrats, winners, and a new Tournament starts...good luck everyone!!

Minor Change To Fensalir Passes
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-09-11 03:35:52
After extensively examining game balance, I have decided to make a small change to the Fensalir Passes.

Other Guild passes cost 25 Valor Tokens and give 2-5 extra visits, the Fensalir...always gave 3, and cost 75.

I decided to make the Fensalir pass give 4 visits, and have dropped the price to 65 Valor Tokens from 75.

When factoring in that use of Fensalir Pass also requires using PVP fights to get the benefit, it seems this might be a little more equitable balance.

This is expected to be a permanent change.

Tournament Reset
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-09-09 20:35:10
Since we have seven players that have completed all fifteen levels of the Tournament, it has been reset.

A new Tournament is open, prizes have been given, winners posted in Kalisiin's Cottage.

Good luck in the next Tournament!

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