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Tournament Is Reset
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-08-14 10:43:21
The Tournament, as promised, is resent on 8/15. Due too increased participation and the number of people who have already completed all 15 levels, the Tournament is reset, and we will have two Tournaments this month.

I would like to have two Tournaments every month...even better if we can make this weekly, but we will see.

For now, the Tournament is reset, and will run through the end of the month.

Enjoy, and congratulations, winners!

Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-08-10 04:27:58
Because we have a number of competitors in the Tournament, all of whom have already done all 15 levels, we will have TWO Tournaments this month.

The current one will end on 8/15. Please finish your levels by then if you have not yet done so.

It is my hope we can continue to do two Tournaments a month, even better if we could make them weekly!

Like What You See?
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-08-08 14:07:25
Like us on Facebook and join our Facebook Group!!

Talk about what you like about the realm, and what ideas you have for new and additional features.


Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-08-06 09:07:37
Continue to check in Kalisiin's Cottage for most game updates. Most-recent updates will be in the town announcement you see on the front page of Kalisiin's Cottage.

Only the most critical of updates and messages will appear in MOTD's going forward. Writeup on Item System is now live in Kalisiin's Cottage.

Quick Update: I also added a Notepad to your stats bar on the right side, it is under Extra Info, but you can move that around in your preferences. It will allow you to make notes on things you find/discover.
If you choose to move the Notepad from where it is...you will need to include the color codes of the section you want. For example, if you want it under personal Info...you will need to include the # color code. If you want it in Vital Info, you would need the $ color code and so on.

Tournament Reset
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-07-31 20:22:53
Also...has come to my attention...this site really DOES seem to run faster in an Opera Browser...no idea why but it actually does.

Things coming in Kalisiin's Cottage are a full changelog, as well as a section write up Dragon Egg Research as well as Colored Dragons. Perhaps I should also do something with writing up about the Ittem System

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