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Tournament Will Be Reset Sunday 12/10
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-12-08 18:52:49
Please finish all levels by then.

Minor Change, Map Of The Empire
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-12-07 06:14:41
It no longer shows up in your Village navigations. I have moved it to your Character Stats, on the right-hand bar, under Vital Info

Merry Christmas!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-12-02 18:47:06
A a Christma treat, for the month of December I have "donated" $50 to my own site, by means of generating a payment not actually made, of course. The purpose of this is to get us to the Donation Goal for the month.

When we reach that in ANY month, it opens certain donor features for ALL players, whether or not they themselves donated.

There are still other benefits for which you MUST be a cash donor, but most of the donor benefits are now available to ALL players for the month of December.

Merry Christmas and thanks for eleven years of support! (We started in November, 2006)

Tournament Reset!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-11-25 23:17:17
Congrats to winners, and especially new player SusieSaxton! She came in 2nd place, having only finished 14 of 15 levels...but she said she could not get to it and okay to reset, so I did.

New Shop Opened!!
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-11-24 10:42:51
A new shop has opened in Mageville!

Hecate's Herbs will make it just a little easier for you to brew all those potions you keep finding recipes for in the Forest.

The problem with them before, was that it was almost impossible to get Basilisk Venom to make the potions...finding it was very rare.

Hecate allows you to trade some of your excess herbs and scales for basilisk venom!

You can also trade of other herbs less common to get.

One other thing...if you have no real interest in trying to figure out the recipes...you ALSO can trade the hens you get to Hecate for a few Valor Tokens.

By the way, to BREW potions, you have to go to your Clan Forge.

You can also Buy or Sell Potions at your Clan Shop.

Potions are used in the PVP Battle Arena (the magic arena only) in Brazoria.

Hopefully, this will cause a little extra balance in the game, and perhaps a little utilization of the Battle Arena.

If nothing else, it gives you something to DO with all those ingredients you get from the Witch Garden!

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