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Door Arena Change
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-06-28 07:41:45
OK, I changed the Door Arena slightly. The Shapeshifter no longer kills you if you lose. Now, you are knocked unconscious. You come to in the Forest, minus your gold, 10 percent of your experience, 1/2 your remaining turns...and with 1 hitpoint.

Better than dying.


Possible Expansion to Forest Guild
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-06-26 22:38:31
Have thought of two more Guilds that could be added. One for Weapon Forging, and one for Armor Forging.

Now, what I would like is some input from players, as to how they would like this to work...should it increase your Forge ability by a point or two each time you go...so that you can then use Clam Forge to better effect...or should it just improve the current weapon you are using?

Personally, I prefer the second idea, as it offers more possibilities. Perhaps a bonus of adding a point or two to your Forge Ability could also be in the mix, like, every five or six visits...something along those lines.

As with most of Forest Guild....not all of the outcomes will be good all the time...there will be a possibility of a undesired outcome.

Other ideas along these lines would allow one to do the Forge Guilds on the teacher's weapons/armor...the only benefit being a point or two towards eventual better clan forge ability....or doing it on your own existing weapon...with a possible benefit of adding up to, say 20 points to you current weapon/armor...and a risk of also damaging it slightly...more significantly...and a tiny chance of doing real damage!

I'm interested to know what direction most appeals to my players on this point. In either case, this is a bit of time off as I would need to examine how to go about calculating the outcomes/chances...to create the right kind of balance...and also writing a narrative for each of the two Guilds.

Forest Guild took me three solid weeks of working on almost nothing else...but it occurs to me there is room for expansion within the Guild to other areas, like weapon/armor forging...that would be useful to a warrior.


Tournament Will Be Reset
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-06-25 16:34:50
at the end of the month. So hurry up and finish your levels...you have been warned!!

A Change To Monuments/Mausoleums
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-06-20 12:08:37
Since we now have Forest Guild, which has some Guilds that require payment in the form of torments/bragging turns, I have altered the Monuments/Mausoleums...so as to allow deposit of and withdraw of torments/bragging turns whilst alive.

Previously this could not be done...and it was done that way because there was no actual use of them in the world of the living. This has now changed, so in keeping with this new use of torments/bragging turns whilst alive, you now have access to them from your Monument/Mausoleum whilst alive.

Last Night Weirdness
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2017-06-18 03:39:18
OK...so if you were playing last night...Saturday night, from about 11PM till 4AM...you may have noticed some strange things going on.

This was me, playing around with core code. Sometimes funny things happen when you do that.

What I was trying to solve is that...somehow, and I do not know how...whenever you were dead, you were no longer seeing your stats, you were seeing the list of warriors that you would normally see on a longin screen!

So, you were basically fighting blind in Helheim or Valhalla, wherever you go. I have NO IDEA how long this situation was existing, only that I noticed it last night.

I have been playing with code a lot lately, so I expect it was not going on for too very long...and my apolgies for any inconvenience to players over all this.

Anyway...last night..You probably saw your stats bar changing look frequently. This was me tweaking the stats bar back to what it should be here.

I had to go all the way back to original core code...and then add and change things back, quite literally, one thing at a time...and frequently making myself dead...t make sure each change I made did not affect yur ability to see your stats in your respective afterlife realm.

I made a few false starts and had to scrub things again...but finally I have gotten it right. So, about six hours of aggrivation, but the code is now right...you get to see your stats when you are dead...as you should...and the stats bar looks like it used to look before whatever change I made that caused the problem in the afterlife that I noticed.

SO...all that is now behind us...things are working as they should..annd I am kinda done playing with code for a while, so things should settle back down. I apologize for any inconvenience and weirdness.

It is all solved now.

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