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Notice To ALL Players Residing in the EU (European Union)
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-05-31 08:06:50
Not that it will matter much longer, as this site is to be replaced, BUT....due to new laws (GDPR) enacted in the EU concerning data privacy, the following disclosures are made:

1. This site does use cookies. It is necessary for the operation of the game.

2. This site does store personal information for the purposes of gameplay only. Without this data, your character and its progress could not be recorded.

3. This site does contain links to third-party sites. We are not able to control their compliance with GDPR laws.

4. This site does not, at this time, allow for Character Restoration...when a character is deleted, all personal information about that player is likewise destroyed and cannot be recovered.

5. Any player residing in the EU who does not agree to have their data stored and used for the legitimate purposes of gameplay on this site should contact Administrators and we will delete your character and all personal data.

6. We do not disseminate any personal information to any third parties for any reason beyond the legitimate purposes of this game. and we do not ever sell your information.

7. Continued use of this site by players residing in the EU gives implied consent to use player data in the manner above described, for the purposes above described, and agrees to hold site operators harmless from any and all liability arising out of these new laws.

8. Again, if you reside in the EU, and are thus covered under these laws, and do not agree to ALL of the above, contact site Admins for immediate character deletion, along with deletion of all personal data maintained by this site.

Still Working On New Site
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-05-24 04:56:10
And waiting on my host. We will be on a much faster and dedicated server when we are done...so the game will move much faster!

I am working on a few modules...and things to make the game more accessible to the sight-challenged - both those who use screenreaders, and those who do not...like me, who just happens to be getting a little myopic in old age...speaking of which, it is my birthday today.

My goal is eventually to have all text bigger than it currently is. This is proving to be a very intense, detail-oriented and time-consuming task.

The BETA will likely launch while that process is ongoing.

New Site Close To BETA Launch
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-05-16 10:09:12
OK, so, as many of you are aware, we are planning to launch a new site, with new game code. I have been absent from here working on the development.

Some of the latest new features here were developed there. No more changes will be done on this site, as the launch approaches. I believe I already have the BETA players I need, those who have been selected will be informed when the site is live.

Because some elements of this game do not work with the newer code, stat transfers, as mentioned, will not occur...but players with large accumulations here WILL be compensated somewhat for having to start back at zero...however, game balance needs to be considered as well.

Because the new site will be literally a new site, I took the opportunity to create a new storyline. The new site is set some 600 years in the future from this site.

Some things have changed, but most you will recognize.

One thing which did not seem to work, no matter how hard I tried, was the additional tattoos thing. It kept offering the dragon when you already had it and would never offer the fire-breather dragon.

So...some NEW additional tattoos have been created. The old extra of dragon and phoenix and fire-breather dragon are no more.

However, there is still a phoenix tattoo, though the way you get it is different.

Some of you may be aware of an awesome module I have developed for the new site, where you train Birds of Prey...these birds will be replacing the Fairy Dragons.

And Petra has a set of tattoos for each of the ten birds, including Phoenix...all of which are offered after you have trained at least one of the bird in question.

To replace the old dragon tattoos, a set of seven dragon tattoos, one for each color, have been deveoped, and to get them, you must kill at least one of that color dragon. Also...at a sufficient level of dragon kills, the dragon can call for help...the only place you will see multiple-monster battles.

So...now we are in the stage of making final tweaks. And...here is a challenge for players...I am looking for more tattoos to develop.

The new site has, so far, 26 tattoos available. You could develop a single tattoo...for example, the tiger which currently exists here...just an item you might like to see.

What I'd really like is if anyone cares t develop a set of tattoos that would have a requisite for earning each one...like my bird set and dragon set I developed.
Players with ideas...all ideas will be considered...and possibly implemented.

Rewards for players submitting ideas that are accepted...will be awarded on the new site, not this site...and the new tats will only be in the new site.

So, put on your thinking caps, and be looking for the launch, soon, of the new BETA...which after a period of testing by more live players (right now it's just me) - will open live for all.

By the way, my player character, Melanie...is also going to have to start back from zero DK. No different than anyone else.

My Admin character, Kalisiin...will largely be used only for Admin functions and game testing, and not for live play.
As always, thanks for ongoing support over the last 11 1/2 years as this site eventually passes into the new site...launching within the next two months fr full live play...is my current estimated timeline.

Apologies For Long Absence
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-05-11 03:53:39
I have been working very hard on the new site, which should be launching shortly...as soon as I work out some things.

Things will be similar, but many differences do exist.

Stats transfers will not be able to be done, players will need to start from zero DK on the new site...for a variety of reasons, the main one being that the databases are not compatible.
Quite literally, I'd have to manually transfer thousands of stats - manually - for each player, and it simply can't be done.

Players WILL however, be compensated for this...I am working out a compensation formula that I hope is equitable.

Lately, I have been working on something on the new site...which will replace Fairy Dragons. That's right, Fairy Dragons won't exist on the new site. There are reasons.

But what I am working on to replace them is far cooler!!

The new site will be set in the future from this time we are in now. The Kujitai Order have mostly fallen apart...though bands of Kujitai still roam around...mostly, the Kujitai society has fallen apart...and been replaced based on the old society...with some differences. They are subtle but real differences which contribute to the storyline.

Meanwhile, continue playing here...the more you rack up here before the switch...the more compensation you start with on the new site.

Before the site opens to everyone, I will have a couple of BETA players to really test things out before the final launch.

I have cleaned up much of the bad grammar and misspellings, and made the dialog flow smoother in many places.

So, again, apologies for absence, I will continue to check in and update as the switch comes closer.

By the way, I am no different...my Admin character, which I barely use for gameplay...is the one currently testing things. But my player character, Melanie...will start from zero just like everyone else.

New "Shop" - Mumblety-Peg Game in Harlingen
Kujitai Empress Kalisiin2018-04-28 15:01:11
This is a module I have wanted to do for a long time, finally got around to it. It it pretty well tested out on my test server, should not have any problems here and it ought to work here, so I am putting it here as another taste of what is to come with our pending uprade.


MoTD Archives:

> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "On another game I saw divine powers as specialty. Angels' song and divine wrat are 2 spells used in this; I'll try to mail you the rest."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "What about flower tatoos or herb tatoos? I was thinking of a garden for herbology greenhouses, simular to the fruit orchard but someone who want to be a healer could study healing skills."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "Healers need to study herbology etc. so need to know which flowers and herbs can be used for this. tatoos function as a "current status" of the study memory; tatoo changes after finishing studylevel."
> <CHRYS> 3000Gold Wolfsbanewillow says, "If healer has finished all study levels, he or she will get a permanent tatoo depicting Asclepios cane with snakes (symbol you find on apothecaries)."
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