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Enchanted Land
- Many millenia ago when dragons roamed the realms four intrepid travelers joined forces to seek out the best land to claim as their own. Each of these travelers were highly skilled at specific forms of magic and fighting. As they traveled together for many years they grew to respect each other and decided to settle down in the best realm they could find. As it would happen, they stumbled across Enchanted Land one sweltering summer day. After gazing around at the sights offered by the magical place they claimed it as their own. Once decided they would stay here the execution of building up the realm started. For this they called upon their friends and families to join them in Enchanted Land. Once the realm had everything that would be needed to live without fear of other realms attacking them they sent out magical dragons with missives for any and all who wished to join them in the peaceful place. As the days went by more and more citizens joined in to make Enchanted Land a place that would support everyone for many millenia to come. This is a land of magic and dragons where most roam freely but it all comes with a price of fear and sacrifice. Here there are no modern weapons or ways to travel. You will find that magic and spells will best fit you in this Enchanted Land. So heed well the words of the four makers of this realm: Nothing modern here, all magic comes with a price and no one is immune, immortal or invincible here.

Legacy of Rourke
- Very different theme on LOTGD, as it is now this site is very very difficult. It is still in beta so many things will change, but the Admin is super-cool.
Legacy of Rourke

Storm Valley LOTGD
- ** Storm Valley ** Where Dragons Roam **

Forbidden Realm
- Forbidden Realm - A Land of Fantasy and Faes. The Forbidden Realm is a land where fantasy and the modern age merge to create a world both splendid and unique. Home to a wide variety of creatures ranging from mortal humans to mythic beasts, and every kind of fae and monster imaginable. It is a land both mysterious and dangerous, weapons often used for self defense can range from swords and spells, to guns and rifles, but choose your weapons carefully for not every weapon is effective against every creature. In this realm you could find friends, but be careful of who you cross as there are enemies lurking around every corner.
Forbidden Realm

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